Monitored Delivery

Monitored Delivery

What is a Monitored Delivery?

Unlike a controlled delivery, a monitored delivery is a much rarer practice and occurs when law enforcement knowingly delivers drugs to you and then puts you under surveillance to gain evidence to further their investigation of your illegal activities in order to build a bigger case against you. This can continue over several months. That way law enforcement is able to build strong cases against suspects even if their OpSec is tight.

Example #1

PSA / Article: Friend of a friend got busted submitted by T00N Someone that goes to my buddy’s school just got busted today by DEA. He’d been reselling mostly xans and coke. Turns out they intercepted a package 7 months ago but kept delivering them in order to build evidence. RIP be careful out there :(

Example #2

This happens all the time with large quantity imported packages. It happened to a friend of mine importing MDMA in the SR1 days. A customs agent followed him from his drop to his home and then watched him drop packs in the mail. He got off pretty light for all the shit they caught him with (6+ kg MDMA, 1-2g LSD, oodles of ketamine). And that’s just the shit they charged him for. He had EVERYTHING you can imagine in bulk + some shit you can’t imagine.The feds totally missed the half kilo of DMT he had heat sealed up in a big whey protein bottle and some other things that were just hidden under his bed. He’ll be out of prison in 2019.

How can I protect myself from a monitored delivery?

Unfortunately you do not have many options to protect yourself against a monitored delivery, especially since you usually do not know what law enforcement is doing. It is generally expected to only see these tactics used against drug distributors and not for users ordering personal amounts.

You can use these tricks to check if you mail may be examined, although it does not guarantee success. Oftentimes the package will not appear tampered with. Furthermore it is a good idea to order as infrequently as possible to make law enforcement think that there will no be future packages.

Depending on the legal situation in your country, LE may be restricted from conducting monitored deliveries. In the USA, it does happen.