This chapter is about how to keep your OpSec tight in areas that are not primarily related to DNMs. It includes for example reselling (since few of your friends would probably be willing to set up Tails just to communicate with you).

Keep your mouth shut

The golden rule is to never tell anybody where you get your products from. Period. No exceptions. Even if a long time friend is nagging you to tell him who you get that dank shit from, do not give in the temptation to tell him about your elaborate DNM setup and how you import drugs in bulk.

You can never take back what you said (let’s not talk about murder here). Once only one person knows about that, you never know who else will know it too. And one of these persons will spill the beans to law enforcement when they get arrested because the try to get themselves out of trouble by telling them all they know about the crimes others did. Then you will get a visit and, in the best case, you only have to pay several thousands of dollars in lawyer payments.

You know how that will look when someone gets busted because he could not keep his mouth shut? Here some examples:

Franklin said 18-year-old Ryan Andrew Backer was under investigation after county drug agents learned LSD was sent to him from the Netherlands.


The Monroe County district attorney’s office said that earlier this year university police received a complaint that Mancini was ordering LSD online and selling it. Authorities said a resident director for Lenape Hall at the college noticed Tuesday that Mancini had received a letter from Hawaii. The director contacted police and police obtained a search warrant.


So if someone asks where you get your stuff from, just tell them you get it from some guy but do not get into details. If that person keeps asking you, you should rethink your business relationship with them. If they just can not accept that you want to keep your sources secret, they will also rat you out as soon as you get in trouble.


Asking your friends or customers to send you PGP encrypted emails will probably result in some perplexed faces. So you will have to adapt while still not creating massive evidence against you.

It is therefore important that you keep your communications, which can play a big part in your prosecution, secure. So please read that IPhone guide and/or that Android guide.

It is also important to use Signal with your contacts and that you check your friends phones to make sure they have it enabled and that messages are getting automatically destroyed after a short period of time (e.g. after 24 hours). Also push full disk encryption of the phones with a strong passphrase.

Do not forget to also turn off Icloud/google cloud backups as they will try to upload messages and photos to the cloud where they can be seized by law enforcement with a simple subpoena.