Making a purchase

Making a purchase

Do you have PGP, Coins and your market account set up? Good, now go back up that data so you do not loose access to your accounts and money.


Making a purchase is one of the better parts of all of this. Before you do there are some things that should be considered.

  • First timers and noobs should stick with domestic orders to get a feel for how his works.

  • Make sure you have performed proper market and vendor research.

  • Be safe and be sure you have researched the product you intend to buy. (This is very important. Respect these substances and your body. Erowid has reliable dose charts, first hand experience reports, substance laws and many other treasure troves of knowledge about many products found on the DNMs).

  • Knowing exactly how much to send to the market (cost of product, shipping and commission fees) and having that coin ready is another good practice.

  • Sometimes it takes a while to transfer BTC into a market wallet. BTC is volatile and the price can rise or drop very suddenly, so it is also a good idea to send a little more than expected. You can always withdraw any left over coin to a personal wallet once the order is placed (and you should always do so).

  • Double and triple check that you wrote your address correctly: either according to the vendors preference which is detailed in his profile description or to the recommended standard for your country. If you fuck it up you could get in legal trouble and the vendor will not be happy either. Once you have made your first order, store your written address in a .txt file in your persistence directory (home/Persistence) and copy it form there for every future order. Also do not forget to check if the vendor wants another format as the one you copy from your .txt file.

  • Include your PGP encrypted address in the order. Most markets have some kind of order/buyer notes in which you have to put it.

  • If you, by any chance, make a mistake when providing your address in the order information, let the vendor know as soon as possible.

  • Remaining in escrow or using Multi-Sig is a good way to keep from vendor exit scams.

  • If you have already entered your public PGP key in your profile settings (which you should absolutely do), it is not necessary to include it in your messages to the vendor.

  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Overnight shipping: overnight is highly unlikely from any vendor. It is misleading because it is not true overnight shipping in the vast majority of cases since the order arrives almost always later.