Important settings and tips

Important settings and tips

  • Every time you start the Tor browser, you have to set the security slider to safest. This disables JavaScript (a programming language that websites can use to de-anonymize you) by default and enables some more security features.

  • If you use clearnet websites that require JavaScript (like if you want to post, comment or vote), change the NoScript appearance so you can easily allow and disallow the scripts that you need as

  • If a DNM site ever asks you to enable JavaScript, leave immediately. Ideally warn the community on /d/DarkNetMarkets too by making a post there.

  • When shutting Tails down, it is best to wait until your computer is shut down completely before removing the USB stick.

  • Is it okay to leave Tails logged in? No, you should shut it down when you are not using it anymore for a longer period of time (e.g. 10 minutes). Yes, it is a pain in the butt to restart your computer every time, but it is good security practice. Otherwise law enforcement could just visit you and would have all the unencrypted evidence they need even though you used Tails.

  • Can I run tails on a virtual machine?
    No tails is designed to be a live OS and will not function properly in a virtual machine.Read about it here