Installing Tails

Installing Tails

Tails has very detailed guides that will walk you through the entire installation process.
Click here to install from windows
Click here to install from MacOS
Click here to install from Linux

Note: if you use another keyboard layout than the default American one, you need to change it on the Tails greeting screen. Just click on the drop down list on the bottom right and scroll through the list. If you can not find yours, select the “Other…” entry at the bottom of that list and then start typing the name of your keyboard layout, i.e. if you want the Serbian one, start typing “ser” and it will automatically jump to it. After you selected the correct one on the list, press enter twice and you will be back at your Tails greeting screen with the changed keyboard layout.

If you run into issues, please check the “Got problems?” chapter before posting on /d/DarkNetMarketsNoobs about it.

Note: you can download Tails over the clearnet (i.e. without using the Tor browser or a VPN). It is not illegal to download or use Tails. But you have to make sure that you verify the downloaded .iso file afterwards as it is described in the linked guide. Otherwise you could easily end up with a malicious .iso file which sends all your passwords to someone who will later steal all your bitcoins.

Tip If you’re having problems getting your computer to boot to the bios/boot menu. You can hold down shift while click restart. From there select USB device or go to advance options and select UEFI options.