Getting a lawyer

Getting a lawyer

Note: this mainly applies to americans. In other countries, such as the UK it can be different and for example remaining silent could be used against you. So make sure you research the legal situation in your country on your own too.

If you ever encounter law enforcement due to serious issues (e.g. a controlled delivery) say nothing. Shut the fuck up. You could have the best lawyer on speed dial but still get a decade in jail because you talked to the police and incriminated yourself (willingly or unwillingly). Here a good video about how to talk to law enforcement. Here another resource from a lawyer who sometimes posts to reddit too

Do not even deny anything. If you haven’t been arrested yet (even if they ‘detain’ you), the only two things which should come out of your mouth are: “Am I free to go?” and some version of “Me. Lawyer. Now.” plus that you invoke your right to remain silent.

To add to this, you should avoid making any statements because anything that ends up not being true can add another crime to your list. They’ll likely come at you with all kinds of scare tactics and/or promises/deals. Let them work that out with the lawyer you demanded.

Getting / Researching a lawyer

This is a crucial and important step. You have to do the steps in this chapter before making your first order, because if you later get in trouble you will not have time to research a lawyer properly.

As soon as you get in legal trouble law enforcement will try to get you to talk and admit as much crimes as possible. They often use different tactics to achieve that and a good counter measure is searching for a lawyer beforehand. If you later get in legal trouble you just have to tell them that you only speak with your lawyer and can avoid any incriminating discussions with law enforcement officers.

It is best to search for two different law firms who have much experience with drug cases and are also successful at their job. If you found two good results write their numbers and locations down on several pieces of paper (because your electronic devices might get seized during a search). Store them for example in your wallet, desk and phone case.

If you ever get in legal trouble you now can just call a number from the note and if the first one is unavailable you can try the second one. Also remember to keep a bit money on the side to pay your lawyer if you have to hire one.

Moreover do not forget to look up the laws that you are breaking. You can easily avoid harsher sentences by avoiding pitfalls if you know about them. An example would be not using/having guns when also violating drug laws, because that will increase your penalty drastically in many countries.

IF LAW ENFORCEMENT IS QUESTIONING YOU, TELL THEM YOU ONLY SPEAK TO YOUR LAWYER. Do not get intimidated by their scare tactics. No person ever said “Fortunately I talked to the police first and told them everything before contacting my lawyer”.