Closing Words

Closing words

Have you read all chapters of the DNM bible? Good! Now you know how to greatly minimize the risk of ordering drugs using DNMs. You will never completely erase the risk of getting caught, but you can make it damn hard for law enforcement to catch and prosecute you by simply doing what is written in the DNM Bible.

If you want to show your appreciation for this guide, you can donate to the projects below and/or be a helpful and friendly users on /d/DarknetMarketsNoobs where you may help other new users to be safe while ordering on DNMs.

Do you ever look at the many DNM drug listings on your computer screen and feel like a small kid in the candy store? Well this is possible due to the relentless work of many people who donate their free time. So it is only fair if you show your appreciation by donating to them once in a while. If you have money for drugs, you can also spare a few bucks for donating:

And do not forget our fallen heroes. Ross Ulbricht, the man who played a significant role in creation of the DNM scene, has to pay a hefty price for implementing his revolutionary ideas.