Postal Systems

Getting a letter or parcel from Point A to Point B is the goal. Nearly every country worldwide has a system to achieve this. Interchanging mail between each countries is called “international” mail. If the mail piece is delivered in the same country it was sent from, it is called “domestic” mail.

Although countries vary in system design, similar things like mail sorting facilities and Customs inspection facilities are found in most. International mail goes through two customs inspection facilities, one from the country of origin, and the other in the country of it’s destination. International mail is subject to far more eyes and inspection (including unwarranted opening and x-raying, varying on a country’s laws and common practices) than is domestic mail which merely goes through sorting facilities. In the USA, all domestic First-Class mail is protected by law against unwarranted search and seizure.

International mail is also more expensive, and has higher loss rates than domestic mail. Certain countries are known for having particularly strict Customs inspections on incoming mail, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Ordering contraband via international mail to and from these countries is up to the buyer, but generally discouraged because of the elevated risk of detection and arrest.

How long do I have to wait between two orders?

It is strongly recommended to not order more than one package at a time, and if the package arrived successfully and without trouble you can make your next order. That way in the worst case (your package gets intercepted) law enforcement seizes only one package with illegal goods and your address on it. If they discover more than one package of contraband, it will be harder for you and your lawyer to deny your knowledge about it in court.

Do I need to change my shipping address?

No, if you follow the steps in the DNM Bible and do not order more than one package at a time, you can reuse your address.

My package is damaged.

Sometimes packages get a bit damaged while not being completely opened. Remember that those boxes get thrown around a lot. It is for example possible that it was tossed onto the ground, bent, manhandled by workers or torn by sorting machines. It is a federal offense to open someone else’s mail. Nevertheless if someone could see the illicit content of your mail through the holes you should not order for a while. If the contraband could not be seen, because of a visual barrier and/or a decoy the vendor used, you will most likely be fine even if your mail was delivered damaged.

Can I order to a university or a dorm?

Yes, but make sure you haven’t signed away any of your rights to your school giving them permission to search your mail. Remember that your university can search your dorm without your knowledge and without cause.

Can I order to my workplace?

No. Do you want to get fired AND arrested at the same time! Keep all DNM activities separate from your work.

Should I check tracking?

If you are in the US you can sign up for informed delivery. You can check that for all packages coming to you but you don’t need to have the tracking number. You still retain plausible deniability because it is a service the USPS wants you to use and they give you the information without you ever asking for it.

Do not check tracking at all, unless a substantial or abnormal amount of time has passed without delivery. You will only leave traces when doing so but will not make it arrive faster. For more details visit the non arriving packages chapter. If you absolutely have to check it (which should never be the case), do not use Tor to do it. It will be a huge red flag and law enforcement already knows about DNM users checking their packages over Tor. Instead use a third party website if possible, so not the one of your mail carrier but a website which checks the tracking for you. Examples are TrackingEx and PackageMapping. Also do not use your own WiFi for checking the tracking number. Use one that is not tied to your identity (e.g. a cafe) or use a VPN and choose a server that is in the same country as you (to not raise any red flags).

What should I do if I receive a double order, additional items, or something I didn’t order at all?

Contact the vendor. If you can reasonably make use of the product, you should offer to pay for it. If you can only really partially use or you will use it but didn’t really want it, you might consider paying shipping + 50% of the item’s price. If you just don’t want it or can’t use it at all, please at least let them know. Try to be good to good vendors. There’s a better chance they’ll be good to you.

How to dispose of the packaging

When you extracted the goods from your package, you will have some left over packaging material. It is best to not throw it in your own trash to not incriminate yourself too much. It is recommended to either burn it or throw it away in a trash can somewhere away from any location associated with you. A very common practice in drug investigations is to collect and look through a suspect’s trash for evidence of drug law violations.