How to verify an onion

Before we begin

Before we begin it is important to understand why you should always take 10 seconds to verify your onions. In the past people have used sites such as Darkfail or Darknetlive as a trusted source. No source should ever be blindly trusted without manually verifying the onion yourself. Whether it’s a phishing site or reliable source, you can lose your coins. In April 2021 both DarkFail and Darknetlive were hijacked by a phisher. All of the links were changed to phishing links, and many buyers lost thousands! It’s important to know even with 2fa you CAN lose your coins! 2fa can help you, but many phishing sites have become a lot more advanced, many look and function just like the normal market you are on. The only way you can be sure is by verifying the onion!

To understand what happened with DDF/DNL I’ve included it all later in this chapter.

No matter where you get your onions, a reliable source can run into issues, always manually verify!