Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Before we get to the fun of ordering your packs it’s important to understand what you are putting into your body.

None of us here are going to sit here, and tell you “Don’t do drugs they are bad!!!!” but please take a few minutes to look over the chart below for some dangerous drug combinations. Look through some of the resources, and keep yourself safe.

It is highly recommended you take the time and get yourself a test kit for anything you order. You can grab one here from DanceSafe.org. There is a million clearnet sites, including Amazon that sell test kits. Some of the links you will find it resources also have them for sale. They are very easy to use, and will give you examples for how to use them. Most test kits will let you do multiple test so you can test more in the future. They are not very expensive, you never know when they might save your life.

There is also a page with labs that will give you complete breakdowns of what is in your drugs. Take advantage of these resources and keep yourself safe.

Don’t go getting yourself killed, because you fucked up and mixed something together you didn’t understand, or were too cheap to test your shit. Be safe do it all correctly.

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