Controlled Delivery (CD)

Controlled Delivery (CD)

What is a Controlled Delivery?

This is an attempt to accept a package containing drugs to obtain a solid reason for a search of your home to be conducted. They get you to accept the package and they believe that this is reasonable cause to believe you ordered the package and knew it was coming. Just because a package requires a signature does not mean it is in anyway a CD.

How do people get CD’ed?

This can happen in many ways. They may order a bulk amount of product from abroad. LE may have noticed an influx of packages from the same person and inspect one and profile you for a while. You are more likely to get CD’ed when ordering large amounts from another country. Domestic packages of a smaller quantity are very unlikely to get caught, and if its a personal amount, you will more likely get a love letter and that will be the end of it. They may start monitoring your mail.

What happens in a CD?

LE will try and deliver a package containing drugs to you as you would normally receive them. Nothing will look out of the ordinary if done correctly. A common misconception is a SWAT team will come bursting through your doors shooting at everything that moves. This is not true. They will get you to accept the package, and they will come out of hiding and announce their presence and give you instructions on what they want you to do. That is normally step out of the house.

How much of ____(product) will they do a CD for?

This question has such a varying answers by where you live, what your past is, how old you are, how much extra time and money LEO/your local police force has, and other factors, that it cannot be answered to a global audience. Use your head. If you are ordering lots of stuff, use a drop. There is no strait definition of “Bulk”. Use your damn head, and make smart choices.

What do they do after you accept the package?

They search your house trying to find other drugs you have ordered. They will look for empty letter and packages with return address on them. It is not 100% true that they always take your computer. The chances are that if you don’t tell them anything, they wont know that they came from a DNM. Do not talk to the police, only through your lawyer that you researched beforehand.

How can I protect myself from a potential CD?

A few things can hint at a possible CD. A very long time for postage. A seizure letter from a big order or if the vendor is busted and they seize his outgoing mail

How do you protect yourself? First thing first is basic OpSec, that means read and follow this guide step for step. Unless you know what you are doing, do not use a drop. Believe it or not, your address is one of the safest places to order to. Always use your real name and address if you can, as it’s less suspicious. If you are going to get CD’ed, you will regardless if you are ordering to a vacant house or a PO box, they will catch you out if they want to. You also put the vendor at risk, so my best advice is to order to your house using your real name.

One of the most important things to do if you suspect a CD is to clean your house. It does not hurt to get rid off all illegal items and ideally suspicious items too (e.g. a bong). Because if they do not find anything in the search, its hard to convict you of any crime as you could be a completely innocent person who got drugs randomly delivered to their door. Furthermore since you used Tails there is no evidence of your current order or your previous ones. A CD does not mean you are going to get any sort of punishment, they have to find solid evidence that you ordered the package.

Is my address burned if I get a CD?

Most likely, yes. They will watch your mail for sure. If you get a CD, you can do two things. You can stop ordering from the DNMs or you can order to a friend’s address. I would not recommend a drop as if they find you to be ordering drugs to another place after getting away with one CD, they will definitely bust you. If you order to a friends house using their name, if they get a CD it wont be related to you in any way, if your friend does not squeal.