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Regardless of where you choose to get your order delivered to, always have a “clean” house when you are expecting a package. That means do not have any illegal or suspicious things (like a bong) in your house or any other locations tied to your identity. That is because if something goes wrong, your properties will get searched. If law enforcement then finds illegal things, it is much harder to argue in front of the court that you are a perfectly law abiding citizen who knows nothing about the drugs that someone sent to his address.

Should I use my real name if ordering to my home address?

Yes. From the beginning, this has been one of the most debated topics for buyers. The conclusion has always been: Use your real name. No, your idea is not original. No, you are not exempt from this rule. Using your real name does not automatically make you more guilty. The point of using your real name is to blend it in with the other packages you receive. USPS keeps track of names delivered to addresses. A fake name sticks out like a sore thumb to your local postman, and the USPS computers.

If a package is discovered, it doesn’t matter whose name is on it. It matters that they can prove that you ordered it, which will not be the case if you followed all the steps in the DNM bible. Using your real name increases the chance of a smooth delivery.

Living with your parents?

If you are living with your parents do NOT order to their house. It does not matter if they do not check your mail or know that you are doing drugs. If only a tiny mistakes happens (e.g. the vendor does not seal the product he sends properly) you parent’s house could get raided by law enforcement. Needless to say that they will be very pissed and will know that you ordered the package. They took care for you for well over a decade and you want to show your appreciation by ordering drugs to their house?

Do not do it. Instead get a P.O. box and get your packages delivered there. Are you not old enough to open one? Then close this tab and any DNM related sites too. Seriously, DNMs are for adults (therefore the subs are set to 18+) not for kids who want to test out the “secret deepp dank webz and order lots of drugz”.

Should I sign for the package/mail if asked to?

Depends on your jurisdiction. Some require it as a prerequisite to police action, others don’t.

Yet, if a CD (controlled delivery) is in place to happen, you’re going to get arrested. Maybe not at that point in time if you refuse to sign, but it will happen. If they have made the decision to CD you, they aren’t gonna let you off the hook if you refuse to sign. Not signing will suspicious too.

Also, signing for a package doesn’t make you guilty. Its the courts job to prove that you asked for the package, and signing for a package does not prove this.

The only reason postal services have you sign is to say that you received the package, and that they have done their job. It’s a standard practice, especially for international mail and deliveries.

So why are there so many people on the “don’t Sign” boat? Not signing make you feel like you have a say in the most dangerous part of the darknet process. People are paranoid and anxious, and want a say in what’s happening around them. Once the package is out however, there is little any person can do against any LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) intervention.

Using a drop

Definition of a drop: a place where you are not connected to, but retrieve questionable mail from.

If you still want to use a drop, although it is strongly discouraged, in the following are some tips.

Note: a PO box does not fall under the drops section.

There are many right ways to do one, and your best weapon is your own imagination. Every situation is going to be different and adapting to each is part of the deal. These are not easy, but can be very worth it.

A drop address needs to be created, cultivated even. A quick run through on how I pick some of my drops:

I pick a house with no one living in it (but not bank owned) Make it look lived in, including mow the lawn, weed the garden, maybe throw a kids toy out there. Stop by every day or two for at least a week, preferably two or three. You want the neighbors to have a vague notion of someone living there without being able to pick out your face. Get the mail man used to mail coming here, send junk mail to this address (This is where you pick the delivery name) cheap packages, whatever. Be mindful that Amazon mails through UPS and the USPS man won’t know if you’ve had packages delivered. I stop by every day and put the mail on the counter inside the house, waiting a few days before opening just

Now I run a property management business, so I have access to a rotating group of empty houses; not everyone is going to have this situation. Opening a PO box in someone else’s name is a good option. I’ve opened boxes in my name in other states for friends before, I just give them the keys and have no idea what they do with it. I purchased for short term and my friend just keeps renewing every time the little slip says time is up. No fake ID needed, plausible deniability for me and a mailing address for them.

Please, do not take this as all encompassing instructions for how to cultivate a drop address, this are just quick main points off the top of my head. There are lots of little things that also need doing, but depend on the situation specific to the drop you’re working on.

Can I use my PO box right after I created it?

It is not necessary to wait some time but it is recommended. Some people order small legal items first to check if everything is working correctly. Several users reported issues with the first usage of their PO box, e.g. the employees forgot to activate the box. It would be a shame if you run into issues with a package that contains illicit items, wouldn’t it? It is way better to send a test package made by you to your PO box or an amazon/ebay/. . . order first. Furthermore, consider looking into /r/freebies (Yes on reddit) to make sure that you don’t only have drugs coming to it though.