Operating Systems

Darknet Vendor Store. Requires Tor Browser

Operating Systems

Using a secure operating system is one of the most important parts of using the darknet. The main operating system we will be focusing on in the guide is called Tails we will also be mentioning using Whonix or Qubes.

NOTE: You will see this note come up a few times as you read on, but it cannot be said enough. DO NOT USE WINDOWS OR OSX.


If you’re a new user or someone not very tech savvy you should stick with using tails. Most of this guide will be written around using tails, and it’s pretty easy to use!

Why tails? Tails is secure live operating system that will work out of the box. Most software we will use will be included right in tails.


Using a Whonix/Qubes setup is one of the most secure setups. This setup is very advance, if you do not configure everything correctly you can potentially hurt your opsec or put yourself at risk. If you do not know what you are doing just stick with using Tails.