On this page you can find some labs and drug test results. Want to know the exact breakdown of what’s in your goodies? Then this is the resource for you.

If you’re buying bulk, or planning to resell please especially take the time to get a lab test done so you don’t go accidentally killing someone!

Energy Control International

We are a group of like minded people regardless of whether we are drug users or not, concerned about the problems related to drug use in recreational settings and in society. We develop Harm Reduction strategies, offer information, personal advice and education regarding drugs in order to diminish risk and harm related to their use.

We offer a Drug Checking Service in order to inform the users about the composition of the drugs and therefore are in a position to advise them on less risky taking of said substance. We also offer customized, non-moralistic, and scientific drug information directed at drug users. The Drug Checking Service started operating in Spain from 1999 and since 2014 it is also offered as an International Drug Testing Service.

You can find reports from our International Drug Testing Service and links to our most relevant peer-reviewed scientific articles, interventions in international congresses and other scientific forums, and conference posters.


DrugsData (formerly EcstasyData) is the independent anonymous laboratory drug testing program of Erowid Center. Its purpose is to collect, review, manage, and publish laboratory testing results from our lab and republished from other analysis projects worldwide.


Information from a range of sources in the UK and Europe indicate that some users of new psychoactive substances (NPS) are at risk of a number of serious adverse effects. Principally these include the direct or acute physical, psychological and behavioural effects following use, as well as the potential for increased engagement with criminal justice services. Longer term, or chronic effects are, in the main, poorly evidenced. This project is designed to inform both.

Get Your Drugs Tested (Canada)

We will test your street drugs and tell you what’s in them! GET YOUR DRUGS TESTED is the world’s largest repository of street drug analysis results. We are a community service offered entirely funded and operated by the Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary. We are certified by Vancouver Coastal Health as an Overdose Prevention Site but we receive no government funding and are independently run.


We have a special machine called an “FTIR Spectrometer” which can identify drug samples and tell us what they are.

The test takes less than five minutes and does not destroy the sample. The machine shines an infrared laser onto the sample, then analyzes the reflected light spectrum to identify the substances in the sample.

We also have test strips available, more specifically to test for even trace amounts of fentanyl or benzodiazepines.

We are currently offering drug testing nationwide through the mail, and in Vancouver samples can be dropped off for testing at 880 East Hastings during operating hours.

Vancouver Coastal Health (Canada)

We provide a wide variety of free and confidential harm reduction services to our clients. Harm reduction services provide supplies for safer drug injection (needles), safer smoking (mouthpieces, push sticks) and safer sex (condoms). VCH harm reduction services are a part of a comprehensive public health and addictions program that includes both prevention and treatment. The goal of harm reduction programs is to keep individuals and communities safe and healthy by preventing infections, illness and injury related to drug use and sexual practices. What harm reduction services are offered?

  • Education on safer drug use and safer sex, as well as referrals to health services, addictions services and other supports

  • Education and access to testing and treatment for communicable diseases as well as referrals to counseling services

  • Needle exchange services to promote safe recovery and disposal of used needles

  • Supervised consumption sites

  • Overdose prevention and response services

  • Cannabis (marijuana)

  • Referrals for clients seeking drug detox, treatment or counseling

Drug Foundation (New Zealand)

We offer tools and advice for people who use drugs, their whānau and people who care about them, and for communities impacted by alcohol and other drug use. Let’s work together to eliminate all drug harm in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our current harm reduction services include Did You Know for parents; Living Sober; PotHelp; DrugHelp; Drugs in Bars; expanding access to free drug checking; an Acute Drug Harm Community of Practice for services and professionals; working with agencies to establish a drugs early warning system; helping employers reduce workplace impairment risks which includes projects with the NZ Defence Force and Maritime NZ; partnering with ready-for-work programmes; and improving how schools respond to drug use issues.