Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback


Giving feedback and rating a vendor is just as important as escrow or multi-sig. It is your voice to the vendor and any future patrons of that vendors business. Rating a vendor and leaving feedback should be taken seriously. It’s truly the only means of regulating how business is conducted and it’s what maintains the purity of products you find on the markets. The combined feedback and ratings left by customers is paramount when choosing a vendor. Here are the main factors to consider when rating a vendor.

  • Communication: Although this should be kept to a minimum and sometimes not needed at all, speed of responses and professional interactions are important.

  • Efficiency: The speed at which the order is accepted and marked shipped. (The arrival speed is out of the vendors hands and falls on the delivery service. 7 days Tor-to-door domestic is a fair margin, also consider holidays and poor weather.)

  • Packaging: Vac-seal is an absolute necessity. Adequate stealth should be considered also, but not every vendor goes overkill. Your purchase should be scent and weather proof with some visible barrier in case the package is damaged in transit.

  • Weight: You should receive what you pay for. Heavy packs are common and should be praised, but light packs are just as common and should be just as known.

  • Purity: Again, you should get what you pay for. The purchase should come as advertised and should be known to the user before leaving any rating or feedback.

  • Ratings are very important to a vendor’s business, but the feedback is very important to the rest of the community. Your feedback will exist as long as the vendor shop is open (other users will not know who wrote what) Here are a few tips that will ensure your feedback benefits others.

  • Feedback should only be left after you have received the pack and have assessed it’s contents. This should be the same time that you finalize the order.

  • It should be honest so other people will know what to expect.

  • Remember that this is the darknet and not Amazon, and anything less than a perfect rating can really harm a vendors business, so be reasonable when considering how you rate them.

  • Before leaving bad feedback or anything less than a perfect rating, contact the vendor to see if they could make things right first. Be courteous and you might end up leaving a perfect feedback after all.

If you want to post a review on /d/DarkNetMarkets or /d/Reviews make sure you check the templates that are available on /d/Reviews To include images in your review, make sure you read and followed the uploading images securely chapter.

Getting threatened/blackmailed by a vendor

Sometimes vendors go full-retard and threaten you. Sometimes they even want to dox you (releasing your personal information like your address) or report you to law enforcement.

If that happens to you, you first of all need to stay calm. Follow the steps here and you will have little to worry about. Furthermore you should report him immediately to the market staff and tell them the situation in a normal tone and without any insulting, bad grammar or panic. That way you will have the best chances to win the argument in your favor and get the vendor banned.

If you followed the tips on how to be a good buyer you already have an advantage, because all your messages were written in a polite, clam and respectful way. So the market staff will clearly see that you stayed down-to-earth and the vendor is probably the one going crazy.

Threats like sending law enforcement to your address are rarely followed though by those who write them because they would have to compromise their own OpSec (e.g. by calling the police) and it would be a lot of hassle any way for them just to fuck with one buyer. So these threats are often just to scare you into giving in and handing your money over to the vendor.

However also clean your house so that there is nothing illegal or suspicious (e.g. a bong) in it for the worst case. That way you will be innocent even if law enforcement visits you. That the vendor personally visits you (or sends someone) is highly unlikely because he is just a pussy who wants to win the dispute by threatening you while hiding behind a computer screen. It is probably also a good idea to not make new orders for some time, at least till that matter is resolved.

You can also make a post on /d/DarknetMarkets naming and shaming the vendor as long as you also publish the proof for it.