Choosing a Darknet Market

Choosing a Darknet Market

Choosing a market can be very overwhelming. More and more markets come out everyday. It is important to do your own homework about different markets, and vendors. Making constant posts on /d/DarknetMarkets asking “Which market is the best right now?” will just leave you getting results from market shills or others trying to phish you. Instead you can check out the Superlist It has a lot of different markets that have been around for some time, and have shown to be more reliable. Start there and just read up about different markets, and other user experiences. Check frequently on market subdreads before you make an order. This will keep you up to date on any policy changes, or just keep you safer from exit scams.

Each market processes orders slightly different, make sure you check out market user guides that are usually right on their subdread.

Make sure you NEVER accept links from people on forums, or sending you messages. Chances are they are just trying to phish you so they can steal your coins. The best place to get onions is directly from market staff. They will usually put their main onion address on heir subdread.

No websites should ever be trusted. In the next chapter we will talk about things that can happen to even the most trusted websites. Dark.Fail and DarkNetLive used to be trusted, but were both taken over by scammers. Daunt.Link is the only recommend source of darknet market links now. But as always, links should be verified!

Note: This cannot be stressed enough. A member on staff can go rogue websites can be bribed. Before you login or create an account on any market, make sure you ALWAYS VERIFY the onion address. More on that can be found in the coming chapter, How to verify an onion address .

Finding Products

The other important part is finding a good vendor. You always want to stick with domestic orders when possible so finding a good vendor can take some time. To start you can make a post on /d/DNMSourcing or the drug specific sub (For example /d/LSD requesting others to let you know some of the vendors they have dealt with. You can also visit /d/DNMAds to see if you can find a vendor there.

Once you have found a vendor you would like to deal with it’s time to do some extra homework on them. For starters you can put their name into the dread search box, see if you can find anything on /d/reviews about them. If everything seems to check out go on a market they vend on, and check recent feedback. If you still feel unsure about the vendor you may also make a vendor inquiry on /d/Darknetmarkets

More in depth tips for what to look for when selecting a vendor will be covered in the next chapter.