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Version 2

Author: /u/Shakybeats

Co-Authors: /u/Thotbot /u/WilliamGibson

Special thanks to the entire Dread community that worked on this in so many different ways /u/Edgar_allen_Poe /u/HumanPie /u/DrHorrible /u/SamWhiskey /u/Blonger /u/BadMedicine the dread team, and anyone else I am forgetting! All of these people pitched in with everything from ideas, writing, and edits. Half the information wouldn’t be available without this group.

Version 1

Author: /u/wombat2combat (from reddit and Dread)

Co-Authors: /u/Seraphim_X (reddit)

Special thanks to these reddit users: /u/torr0t, /u/lslst, /u/My_s3cr3t, /u/Joskins, /u/b00mtown_Vendor, /u/hugsfordrugs, /u/darknetsolutions and /u/Vendor-Bubblehash, /u/calsuthrowaway, /u/CookyDough for creating valuable resources that were used in the DNM bible too

Proof-Readers: the community of /r/DarkNetMarkets and /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs