Converting Coins

Converting your coins

Converting your coins is a very straight forward process. The goal for everyone should always be to use Monero (XMR) if you cannot start with Monero you can purchase Litecoin or Bitcoin, and swap them for Monero.

Once you have your starting coins, you can visit [] or you can also visit our sister XMR guide. [http://xmrguide25ibknxgaray5rqksrclddxqku3ggdcnzg4ogdi5qkdkd2yd.onion] Both have a list of of exchangers you can use.

Note Once you select which exchanger you would like to use search on Dread reddit or anywhere else to make sure there is no reports of scamming.

  • The process to convert your coins is a very straight forward process. Once you are on the exchanger website you should see an option to select your starting coin. Select bitcoin, litecoin whatever your starting coins are.

  • Next you should select what coins you want to convert to this is where you select Monero(XMR)

  • There should also be a place for you to enter your recieving address. Use the address you generated in your XMR wallet.

  • Some exchanges have a minimum amount to convert make sure you are checking this before you begin the exchange process. Note Always make sure you are not reusing the same XMR address. Generate a new new address in your wallet for each transaction

  • Once you have entered in all of the proper information to the exchange service, you should have the option to begin swap. Once you have begun the process you will be given an address to send your coins to. Once they reach the required amount of confirmations you should see the coins appear in your XMR wallet.

Note Always generate a new transaction. If you send coins to the same wallet you risk losing your coins.