Darknet Vendor Store. Requires Tor Browser


Converting in an important step you should always use to help keep coins from coming back to your real identity. As stated before you should always try to stick with XMR when possible. However some vendors or services do not accept XMR, in the case you can safely convert back to bitcoin and be on your way. For some it is just easier to buy bitcoin from an exchange with your real identity. We can break the chain so that these coins are no longer linked to your identity.

Previously this guide walked you through how to convert with Elude and Kilos. Both were around in the Darknet community for a very long time. Before we begin, I want to remind everyone. Never spend what you are not willing to lose. Any service can scam you, or steal our coins, there is nothing you can do to get them back.

After everything that happened with elude and kilos we will not recommend a specifc service to use, but will show you a few different ones for you make a decision on. Before converting it’s a good idea to check to make sure they are not having any known issues, and there is no reports of scams. Search around on Dread or Reddit.

Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges

There are a few different places you can find link aggregators for services that will convert your coins, without requiring personal informations. One of them is []. Monero.Forex maintains an up-to-date list of Non-KYC Exchanges that list Monero. You can also visit our sister XMR guide that has a list. [http://xmrguide25ibknxgaray5rqksrclddxqku3ggdcnzg4ogdi5qkdkd2yd.onion]

Note XMR should always be your first option. If this is not an option Litecoin is a good starting coin. Remember both bitcoin and Litecoin are easily traced, but Litecoin has lower fees.

Elude and Kilos have exit scammed. Do not use them!